Why do we need money?

The Tharu are a minority in Nepal and among the poorest people of Nepal. We look after the children of the poorest families in our area. They live in huts constructed with mud walls and straw. The forest provides their firewood and water fountains. (i.e. they have no electricity, no hot water, no sewer and no heating.) Some of the Tharu farm land which was provided by the government. But all the adult family members are needed to work the land and therefore the children are left without supervision. During the day the children therefore live on the streets or in the jungle where there are lots of wild animals and other dangers. In addition, the children need play opportunities, the chance to attend elementary school as well as human and social contact.

The NSDCS at the moment takes care of 25 to 30 children every day. Unfortunately, around the same number of children require a place. We are planning a second floor to cater for them. This costs around € 8.000,- to € 10.000,-. We currently have operating costs of about € 300 per month. In full operation, these will rise to approximately € 500,- to € 600,-

The NSDCS is a private organisation which is financed exclusively by donations. Please support us with a donation or a small monthly support. So maybe we can give a chance in life to these children. Thank you!

Thank you to our private Donors!